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Tea Timer

Eine einfache elektronische Eieruhr fuer den PC

The best online tea-timer ever seen !

Edit 24/05/2013

Unfortunately the host of the short URLs (.ms) is not reliable and the links are not working anymore.

So we have to switch over to the original, a little bit longer web addresses.



ttimer.coolpage.biz/12   ttimer.coolpage.biz/123   ttimer.coolpage.biz/1234

ttimer.coolpage.biz   ttimer.coolpage.biz/black   ttimer.coolpage.biz/green




If you choose links as best way for your teatimer here are some examples:
( Mnemonic: TIMER in the NET put in Minutes/Seconds - TIMER.NET.MS )

[ Link examples deleted 24/05/2013 ]



You could use the tea-timer online, get your teatimer offline app or build it into your own website.

Also you could easily integrate the tea timer into your homepage in two different ways -

use some links or put the Java applet of the timer into your HTML code.

A brief description and a few code snippets you will find at:

More information in German:

More Information in English:

:)  enjoy

Internet - Tea - Timer

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