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Eine einfache elektronische Eieruhr fuer den PC

The smartest teatimer 4 your web site ?


The smallest tea timer to build into your homepage you've ever seen:











Yeah, that's all !
Just put in 22 for example
and press enter/return...

The best online tea-timer ever seen !


Edit 24/05/2013

Unfortunately the host of the short URLs (.ms) is not reliable and the links are not working anymore.

So we have to switch over to the original, a little bit longer web addresses.



ttimer.coolpage.biz/12   ttimer.coolpage.biz/123   ttimer.coolpage.biz/1234

ttimer.coolpage.biz   ttimer.coolpage.biz/black   ttimer.coolpage.biz/green




If you choose links as best way for your teatimer here are some examples:
( Mnemonic: TIMER in the NET put in Minutes/Seconds - TIMER.NET.MS )

[ Link examples deleted 24/05/2013 ]



You could use the tea-timer online, get your teatimer offline app or build it into your own website.

Also you could easily integrate the tea timer into your homepage in two different ways -

use some links or put the Java applet of the timer into your HTML code.

A brief description and a few code snippets you will find at:

More information in German:

More Information in English:

:)  enjoy

Internet - Tea - Timer

Tea Timer - Luxembourg statistically speaking bigger ...

Tea Timer #tea timer statistics

Tea Timer - new release V 4.x

Tea Timer #tea timer new release 4.x

Many thanks that the tea timer was so well accepted and diligently used by you. You asked me to change the behavior and to add some features for so many times. Some of this things were added to the freeware timer up to the last release 3.2.08. Now I decided to build a new generation of the teatimer where I could put in all of your wishes, but...

But how should I be rewarded for my efforts?

Would you like to pay a little amount of money for the teatimer as shareware?

Or would you prefer this tiny timer app with advertisements added?

Or ...?

Take part in the survey on the future of...


Tea Timer - beta release 4.x
beta release 4.x
Download Tea-Timer-App



versions: Assam Black Ceylon Darjeeling Essiac Flowering Green Herbal Iced Jasmine Kombucha
Loose Leaf Tea Mate Nilgiri Oolong Pu-erh Queen Mary Tea Rooibos Sencha Tisane Uchiyama
tags: download teatimer 4.x free to try tea timer app freeware egg-timer shareware tea time


Tea Timer - quick launch

Tea Timer #tea timer quick launch teatimer
Tea Timer - teatimer - Teeuhre - Tee Timer



  quick launch  


Black    Chai    Fruits    Green    Herbal    Mate    Rooibos    White   




1:00   1:30   2:00   2:30   3:00   3:30   4:00   4:30   5:00   6:00   8:00   10:00
* * *   Best results with browser zoom at 100 % !   * * *


TeeTimer / TeaTimer   


tags: tea timer cross-platform java linux android unix windows mac os x ios portable palm mobile quick launch


Tea Timer - tea timer thé minuteur té temporizador tee timer ...

Tea Timer #teatimer teetimer temporizador minuteur
Tea Timer - teatimer - Teeuhr - Tee Timer


Only a very simple but smart tea timer. No more, no less!

This easy-to-use egg-timer should work with any Java enabled device -
largely independent of browser type and operating system.

You could use it as tea-timer, egg-timer, oven-timer, kitchen-timer,
at game-playing and for many other purposes as well...


free download   



tags: easy-to-use egg-timer one touch teatimer simple kitchen timer single tap tea timer easy to use game playing